• Internet access
  • Laptop/Desktop
  • Stop The Bleed Instructor Manual
  • Stop The Bleed Student Certification*
  • Proof of Instructor role at American College of Surgeons or United States Department of Defense


Welcome to the Stop The Bleed Instructor Page

At the CPR Training Academy of CT, we are proud to offer comprehensive Stop The Bleed classes for healthcare professionals. The Stop The Bleed course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to life-threatening bleeding emergencies.

Class Dates and Certification Options

Our Stop The Bleed classes are offered Fridays of each month, online. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive certification from CPR Training Academy of CT.

Prerequisites and Required Materials

  • Stop The Bleed Certification from a recognized organization The American College of Surgeons or The United States Department of Defense Stop The Bleed Coalition.
  • The Stop The Bleed Instructor eManual 

Join Our Stop The Bleed Classes Today

Equip yourself with the essential skills to save lives in emergency situations. Take the first step towards becoming a certified Stop The Bleed Instructor.

Whether you're a healthcare professional or educator, this course will equip you with the tools and confidence to teach others how to make a difference when every second counts. Don't miss this opportunity to become a vital part of your community's safety network. Join the ranks of Stop The Bleed Instructors who teaches preparedness in Stop The Bleed! Enroll now $59